Burlap Beauty

The Quilt Store has recently received a new line of fabric from Springs Creative…it’s printed burlap.

The 100% jute fabric has a coarse woven texture, natural un-dyed colour, and oversized black prints of great motifs such as the Fleur de Lis, vintage lettering, coffee theme and the newly popular moustache (thank you, Movember).

Admittedly, this fabric is not ideally suited to quilting, but is truly amazing for home decor, accessories and even some garmentry.  One of our customers, Maryrose came by with the trendy tote she just made with the Tossed Text printed burlap. She runs her own bridal and evening wear business, so she knows big style when she sees it.

We have several tote patterns, such as the Betty Shopper and the Little Sister Tote, which would be perfect for this sort of fabric. Just choose a fun lining and/or accent fabric – like the leatherette Maryrose used – to add some stability.

The staff has been discussing other uses for this interesting textile.  We’ve seen it on the backs of dining room and occasional chairs…

image from apartmenttherapy.com

and cushions…

image from breakfastatthezemkes.blogspot.ca

clothing (well beyond wearing your basic potato sack!)…

image from fabsugar.com

and curtains!

image from restorationhardware.com

The curtains above are from fancy-schmancy Restoration Hardware, but they’d be so easy to make yourself.  And don’t they look so sophisticated – in a rustic sort of way?  We love it.

Burlap fits right in with a modern shabby chic aesthetic, and oozes “green” with its natural, ecological, recycled look.  At just $7.99 a metre, it’s totally worth an experiment or two. If you’re on Pinterest, check out our Fun Sewing board for some neat ideas for what to make with burlap (like, the wreath below).

image from texascottageblog.com