3 Day Handi Quilter Education Event

July 18, 2018

3 Day Handi Quilter Education Event

Meet The Queen Bee....Audrey Vrooman will be at The Quilt Store for a three day Handi Quilter Education Event, November 9th - 11th

The Quilt Store is pleased to be hosting Audrey Vrooman, HandiQuilter National Educator for three full days of education.

Friday, November 9th at The Quilt Store West in Burlington
9am-noon - Stepping Stones to Quilting your First Quilt
1-4pm - HQ Rulers; New Kids on the Block

Saturday, November 10th at The Quilt Store in Newmarket
9am-noon - Creative Textures & Fills
1-4pm - Beyond Traditional Feathers

Sunday, November 11th at The Quilt Store in Newmarket
9am-noon - You Can Do That on a Longarm Too?!
1-4pm - Longarm Toy Box


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Audrey Vrooman Education Event at The Quilt Store Audrey Vrooman, Hand Quilter Educator, Quilt Maker, Certifiable Threadologist and Queen B of B Quilty Studio in Waterloo, Ontario.  Whether you quilt for business or as a creative pursuit, whether you use a long arm or a domestic sewing machine to finish your quilts, there is always something interesting to be learned from the way other quilters approach their craft.
                                                                                  My methods have been developed over years of studying with quilters I admire, some of whom are considered to be the very best at what they do! I don’t try to copy what they do. I work with their technique, tweaking and adapting it to what works for me.

 Now it’s my turn to share my passion for learning, creativity and innovation in all things quilty.  My classes are specially crafted for maximum participation and enjoyment.  Join me for a fun filled learning experience that will help you progress along your own quilting path.








Register now to join Audrey for all of part of the three day education session.