Join the HQ Ruler of the Month Program

October 21, 2017

Join the HQ Ruler of the Month Program

HQ Ruler of the Month Club
Challenge your quilting skills and build ruler work confidence with the HQ Ruler of the Month Club! Each month in the six-month series features a debut acrylic ruler paired with mentorship from The Quilt Store, step-by-step video tutorial, and design ideas.

Get exclusive Ruler Kits and tutorials each month starting in August!

HandiQuilter will be introducing a new ruler each month for 6 months.  These rulers will be available Exclusively to members of the Ruler of the Month Club.   

Benefits of Club Membership:

  • You’ll be introduced to new ruler styles and techniques.
  • Get involved at your local shop, learn along with other quilters.
  • $65+ savings on ruler MSRP over the course of the 6-month series
  • Video tutorial and education for each ruler.
  • Six-month series builds confidence and rulerwork skills.
  • Special club member gift.

Whether you have a Handi Quilter longarm or a domestic machine, this program is great for any quilter wanting to improve their rulerwork skills.

Here's how the club works:

  • Sign up for the Club now to make sure you don't miss out on the first month (The Slice Ruler).  If you decide to join the Club part way through, we will welcome you to the Club and you will receive rulers for upcoming months.  Rulers from previous months can be purchased based on availability. 
  • The cost to register is $28, which covers the cost of the first ruler which will arrive at The Quilt Store the second week of the month.
  • Each month from August to January a new ruler will arrive and you will pay $28 when you pick it up at the Store.
  • Each month, there will be a video tutorial to provide tips on how to use the Ruler of the Month along with a flyer including design ideas to get you started.
  • Ruler of the Month Club members will receive a complimentary special gift when they pick up their final ruler (Clamshell keychain).

Click Here to sign up for the HQ Ruler of the Month Club

 Get a Sneak Peak at the Rulers that are part of the Ruler of the Month Club

August - Slice Ruler

Click here to view the Slice Ruler Tutorial

HQ Ruler of the Month Slice

September - Skinny Ruler 2 x 10

HQ Skinny 2 x 10 Ruler of the Month

October - Swiss Cheese Ruler

HQ Swiss Cheese Ruler of the Month



November - Line Grid Ruler

HQ Line Grid Ruler of the Month

December - Mini Oval Ruler

HQ Mini Oval Ruler of the Month

January - Ditch Ruler

HQ Ditch Ruler of the Month