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Bernina 8 Series Bobbins
Bernina 8 Series Bobbins
Sale price$5.19 CAD
Save $3,700.00 CAD
Bernina 880 PlusBernina 880 Plus
Bernina 880 Plus
Sale price$13,599.00 CAD Regular price$17,299.00 CAD
Bernina Accessory Travel Case
Bernina Accessory Travel Case
Sale price$279.00 CAD
Save $1,800.00 CAD
Bernina B 590 E available in Canada at The Quilt Store
Bernina B 590 QEE - IN STOCK
Sale price$6,599.00 CAD Regular price$8,399.00 CAD
Save $900.00 CAD
Available in Canada at The Quilt StoreAvailable in Canada at The Quilt Store
Bernina B480
Sale price$2,899.00 CAD Regular price$3,799.00 CAD
Bernina Big Book of Machine Quilting

Big Book of Machine Quilting
Bernina Big Book of SergingBernina Big Book of Serging
Bernina Big Book of Serging
Sale price$99.00 CAD
Save $9.00 CAD
Bernina Circular Embroidery Attachment #83Bernina Circular Embroidery Attachment #83
Bernina Circular Embroidery Attachment #83
Sale price$94.99 CAD Regular price$103.99 CAD
Save $14.50 CAD
Bernina Darning Foot #9Bernina Darning Foot #9
Bernina Darning Foot #9
Sale price$47.49 CAD Regular price$61.99 CAD
Bernina DesignerPlus Software V8
Bernina DesignerPlus Software V8
Sale price$2,499.00 CAD
Save $22.09 CAD
Bernina Echo-Quilt ClipsBernina Echo-Quilt Clips
Bernina Echo-Quilt Clips
Sale price$88.79 CAD Regular price$110.88 CAD
Save $95.00 CAD
Bernina Eyelet Set available at The Quilt Store
Bernina Eyelet Set
Sale price$315.99 CAD Regular price$410.99 CAD
Save $9.50 CAD
Bernina Finger Guard #99Bernina Finger Guard #99
Bernina Finger Guard #99
Sale price$38.99 CAD Regular price$48.49 CAD
Save $16.20 CAD
Bernina Foot #29C
Bernina Foot #29C
Sale price$55.79 CAD Regular price$71.99 CAD
Save $29.00 CAD
Bernina Foot #97D Patchwork
Bernina Foot #97D Patchwork
Sale price$97.99 CAD Regular price$126.99 CAD
Bernina Gripper Rings Set of 2 - 8" & 11" available in Canada at The Quilt Store
Bernina Gripper Rings Set of 2 8" and 11"
Sale price$199.00 CAD
Save $17.00 CAD
Bernina Invisible-Zipper Foot #35 available at The Quilt Store
Bernina Invisible Zipper foot #35
Sale price$67.99 CAD Regular price$84.99 CAD
Bernina Jumbo Hoop
Bernina Jumbo Hoop
Sale price$699.00 CAD
Save $450.00 CAD
Bernina L 460 - IN STOCKBernina L 460 - IN STOCK
Bernina L 460 - IN STOCK
Sale price$1,649.00 CAD Regular price$2,099.00 CAD
Bernina L Embroidery Module BagBernina L Embroidery Module Bag
Bernina L Embroidery Module Bag
Sale price$449.00 CAD
Bernina L Machine TrolleyBernina L Machine Trolley
Bernina L Machine Trolley
Sale price$599.00 CAD
Save $450.00 CAD
Bernina L450 - In Stock
Bernina L450 - In Stock
Sale price$1,349.00 CAD Regular price$1,799.00 CAD
Save $1,000.00 CAD
Bernina L850Bernina L850
Bernina L850
Sale price$3,999.00 CAD Regular price$4,999.00 CAD
Save $1,700.00 CAD
Bernina L890 OverLock/CoverstitchBernina L890 OverLock/Coverstitch
Bernina L890 OverLock/Coverstitch
Sale price$6,499.00 CAD Regular price$8,199.00 CAD

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