Anita Goodesign Christmas Blocks And Borders

SKU: 89856

Earlier this year we launched our Beautiful Blocks and Borders collection which allowed you to combine any embroidery design which you currently own with our beautifully quilted backgrounds and borders. The end results were stunning quilts which would never before have been possible
With Christmas Blocks and Borders we added ten new holiday options. We included base shapes like rectangles and diamonds and each theme includes beautiful borders. Each theme also includes isolated bonus designs which are perfect as merged designs or as embroidered additions to clothing or home décor. There are 10 different themes total and each of them has over 30 different designs!
The great thing about this collection is that it allows you to take any of our other embroidery designs, those that are NOT in the Mix & Match Quilting Collection, and merge them to make an amazing quilt! By merging those designs with these Christmas Blocks and Borders, you can create an embroidered quilt without the hassle of measuring or trying to center your design.
Every design in this collection comes in 5 different sizes. This allows you to create a quilt of any size, using any hoop 5×7 or larger. This collection is also compatible with all of our other Mix & Match Quilting Collections. You can combine the blocks from this collection with more than 50 other Anita Goodesign Mix and Match Quilting titles and endless amounts of embroidery designs. You can create a masterpiece perfectly unique to you!

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