Bernina Thread Lubrication Unit


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The Thread-lubrication unit is a help when sewing with metallic or loosely twisted threads. After coming off the spool, the thread passes through a special silicone fluid which noticeably improves its gliding properties. This allows reliable guiding, and effectively prevents challenging threads from tearing or breaking in the eye of the needle. It also helps ensure the success of ambitious sewing projects using difficult-to-work with threads. TIP: using a special metallic embroidery needle will further improve your sewing or embroidery results with such threads.

Besides the Thread-lubrication unit, the BERNINA special sewing accessories range also features a magnifying-lens set and the bright-as-day BERNINA sewing light for even more comfort when working at your sewing machine.

Browse the high quality BERNINA accessories range now, and discover the Thread-lubrication unit for difficult metallic threads for yourself!


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