Guidelines 4 Quilting Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit

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Guidelines 4 Quilting Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit

Mistake-proof & slip-proof standard 1/8" thick acrylic quilt rulers of any brand. Make both 12" and 24" long rulers, non-slip and self-alining by adding Grip Strips and Fabric Guides, and cut pieces faster and more accurately!
The Upgrade Kit includes Fabric Guides and Grip Strips that you can attach to the 12" & 24" quilt rulers you already own.

No more lining up by eye and no more slipping.

Works with any standard 12" and 24" regular acrylic rulers.
Includes two Clip-on Fabric Guides. One that fits 12 or 12 1/2" rulers and another that fits 24 or 24 1/2" rulers. 
Includes six 11 3/4" Grip Strips. Two for your 12 inch ruler and four for your 24 inch ruler.
Extra Grip Strips for your other rulers and templates are available separately.

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