Janome AQSD 18

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If you’re a quilter with movement limitations or without the room for the quilting machine you dream of, you will fall in love with the AQ18 Sit-down model from Janome. The AQ18 Sit-down’s table is smaller than normal quilting frame and even gives you the option to remain seated when working on large quilts, which will keep the strain off of your legs. Finally, you can get all the features of the Artistic Quilter Long Arm with a large frame in just a fraction of the space! Not to mention, a lot less time spent standing and slaving over your free motion quilting projects.

Benefits & Features
-    Eighteen inches of throat space for a large quilting area
-    Automatic needle positioning technology gives you the ability to stop the needle, up or down, with foot control or touch buttons to help prevent your needles from       bending or breaking
-    Wind the bobbin while you quilt with the built-in bobbin winder. Your bobbin will never be empty!
-    Get the most out of your bobbin capacity with the M-Size bobbin
-    Save time with our quick and easy threading path.
-    Get precise stitches with variable speed functions - the quilt will keep your stitches even as you move.
-    Swap stitches in one simply step with our easy stitch selection options.
-    Going for bold and decorative? The AQ18 Sit-down can stitch up to a maximum of 5mm in width.
-    Get light wherever you need it with our flexible lamp. It bends close for micro stippling or cranes back for pantographs.
-    The self-contained oil reserve eliminates your worries about getting oil on the quilts or having to oil the hook whenever you change the bobbin.
-    The custom table is collapsible and has a removable hinged leaf for easy storage and convenience.
For quilters with movement and/or space limitations, no quilting machine will beat the Janome Artistic Sit Down Quilter Sewing Machine. The Janome AQ18 Sit Down Machine was designed and built just for quilters, and you’ll go crazy for the quality and the speed that this machine offers.
The AQ18 Sit-down model is the best quilting machine around for a quilter with limited space or movement. With table considerably more compact then standard quilt frames, it will give you the convenience you need in your own home. Not to mention, with the option to sit down for the entirety of your quilt, you can kiss the hours of leg strain goodbye. The AQ18 Sit-down will give you all the features of the full AQ18 model with just a fraction of the space or physical effort.
The Janome AQ18 Sit Down Machine includes a table with all the power of regular quilting frame but with a much smaller size, and will give you the option to finish an entire quilt without having to stand and strain your legs.
Included with your Janome AQ18 Sit Down Machine
-    The Janome AQ18 Sit Down Machine (18” Model)
-    The AQ18 Sit Down Table, Unassembled
-    Flexible Lamp




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