LED Mechanical Lighting

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1 PIECE LED task Sewing LIGHT 21" GOOSENECK lamp, Bendable steel

c-clamp table mounted up to 2", used for 110v -250v, 50/60Hz, 5W,

30 LED LIGHT (head DIA 2.5" wide)

This light fixture uses 30 LEDs (light emitting diodes)

COMES with power plug, Easiley Clamps on to your table. Plugs directly into your outlet. No wiring necessary.

Built-in on/off switch

produce a natural bright light .

color temperature 6000-6500k

Output DC 15v 300mA

LED ligt is up to 99% more energy efficient, produce up to 60% less heat / halogens .

Estimated 60,000 hours life, minimal energy consumption. Heavy duty swivel joint

suitable for 110v - 250v / 50-60 Hz, 5W

Flexible neck , 21" LONG, BENDABLE, not affected by vibrations, making them the perfect choice for installing on equipment

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